Pelican Park Leisure Programs

Pelican Park Leisure Programs offers fun for everyone! With a variety of programs, Pelican Park hosts an average of five hundred classes a year including arts & crafts, personal development, health & well-being, outdoor adventure, and social activities. Pelican Park Leisure Programs welcomes children and adults to participate in a creative, educational, and entertaining atmosphere promoting a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  With so many positive factors, why wouldn’t you give Pelican Park Leisure Programs a try? See the list of current classes under the Leisure Programs Registration Tab.

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 Types of Leisure Programs:
  • Arts and Crafts (Painting, DIY crafts, card making, drawing, crochet, hand stitching, etc.)
  • Health and Wellness (Yoga, Pilates, line dancing, ballroom dancing, Zumba, healthy cooking classes etc.)
  • Education (Photography, resume building, writing classes etc.)
  • Socials (Canasta, art circles etc.)

Would you like to see a class offered at Pelican Park or event teach a class?
We are looking for new and fun ideas to share with our community.
Please contact Erika Lehrmann at 985-626-7997 or email her at: 

This is a FREE Boating Certification class presented by the LA Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

August 27th Class:

Pelican Park...making a difference in the lives of children and adults!